If you are anywhere west of I-35 in the US today (or over the next few days) you are under a weather warning or advisory of some kind. This week for the 4th week in a row the major weather concerns are during the weekdays. This week will be a major week for a lot of folks. Fire. Rain. Wind. Snow. You name it, this week it will probably happen. Where is the big question.

Pay close attention to your local NWS watches, advisories and warnings. HEED THEM. Don’t be like “aw those weather geeks don’t know what the ____ they are talking about” unless you want to get caught up in a life threatening situation. There will be plenty of chances for that in the western and central US today and tomorrow, then heading along and east of the Mississippi Wednesday into Thursday.

Easter weekend… even though it’s mid April… IT WILL NOT FEEL LIKE IT. Don’t put away your warm stuff just yet. Just saying!

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