After a round of severe weather yesterday afternoon and evening, the cooler air has won and will dominate the Northeast today. This will especially be true across the interior, Northern New England, Upstate NY, and across the Great Lakes, where clouds, lingering showers, winds and temperatures in the 50s will be common today. Tonight there is a chance for late season frost in the traditionally colder spots across the interior Northeast, especially the higher elevations. This cooldown is temporary, as the temperatures will rise a little tomorrow, then a lot on Thursday and Friday as summertime makes its return. Along with the return of summer late this week, will be yet another thunderstorm threat.

Next stop is the central Plains and the heart of the US, where an ENHANCED RISK of severe weather is present late this afternoon and especially after dark tonight. Watch out in Omaha and Kansas City, and the surrounding environs… those storms won’t come through until late but when they come through, you will know it. Large damaging hail is the biggest threat, followed closely by straight line wind damage. Tornado threat is there, it’s not zero, but it’s also not a major tornado situation at this time as the ingredients for them to come together are not all present.

To the Southeast and south central US we go next where it’s full on summer today and the heat will be expanding over the next several days. It will be in the 80s across the Carolinas, Georgia and into Florida with 90+ weather lurking to the west across Alabama, Mississippi and to the west. Get west of I-35 and it’s a full on heat wave. 100-105 degree temps will be the norm across central and western Texas, with some places taking a shot at 110. I know “it’s a dry heat” but still, it’s early for that kind of heat! This is more of a June July type heat wave, served up early. This heat will expand east and move into the rest fo the Southeast with 90s taking over the second half of this week where the 80s are now.

Across the Desert Southwest and the Pacific Northwest, the weather is on cruise control. Don’t like it… go somewhere else. The pattern is locking in here. Pray for those dealing with the long term drought conditions west of the continental divide.

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