Storms across the Delmarva and Mid Atlantic. Eyes on Florida for possible “Alex”

My apologies for the second afternoon update in three days. The goal is to publish these in the morning. The WordPress app is CRAP!

Our cold front that brought drenching rain and thunderstorms to the Northeast yesterday is settling southward today. Expect the Delmarva, southern NJ, DC, and the Virginias to get hit with strong to severe storms this afternoon and tonight. Gusty winds, heavy downpours and frequent lightning the biggest threats. Hail and tornado threats are low but not zero.

The other big weather story is sitting off Cancun as of this writing. Low pressure associated with the remnants of what was Hurricane Agatha in the eastern Pacific, is pushing into the NW Caribbean and is likely to redevelop. National Hurricane Center puts the odds of developing into a Tropical Depression at 80%. This development over the next 48 hours will bring a very soggy weekend to Florida, especially south of I-4. Not a beach weekend at all. Heavy rains, localized flooding and squally conditions will exist Friday, Saturday and into early Sunday across Florida. Only question now is the winds. There will be some. It is likely not going to become a hurricane but it’s the tropics and anything is possible. But if I had to put my money on it, I believe, Tropical Storm Alex, will make landfall this weekend in southern Florida. Make your preparations but don’t go overboard. We don’t need plywood or to big out of south Florida. This time…

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