HEATWAVE ROUND 2: Record to near all time record heat possible across the south this week

Heatwave number 2 has been well advertised and is about to deliver. The heat is already building across the southern Plains and the lower Mississippi Valley. It begins to head north and east today. It will peak for a few days. On the days that it peaks, record to near all time record heat is possible. Temperatures not just to 100 F but WELL IN EXCESS of it. In parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, 110 F or better is not out of the question. This June is seriously reminding me of 1988…

OHIO VALLEY: Illinois, Indiana and Ohio (Southern parts of each state), Kentucky, Tennessee, your heat will peak TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY this week. Low to mid 100s.

SOUTHEAST: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, your heat will peak WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY this week. 100s to near 110 in the lower elevations.

SOUTHERN PLAINS/MISSISSIPPI VALLEY: Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, your heat will peak on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY this week. 100s to neat 110 in the Plains and into Louisiana.

Where is the severe weather? Northern Plains of the Dakotas, Nebraska, possibly into western Minnesota. That’s where the biggest threat is TODAY AND TUESDAY. Less of a threat later this week.

Northeast and Great Lakes: The huge northerly flow that literally put last weekend on ICE with SNOW reported in the high peaks of the Adirondacks and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and chilled the rest of that part of the world… you’ll see SOME heat middle to end of this week, best chance Thursday through Saturday. Some heat. I wouldn’t consider 85-90 or just a touch more, serious heat, but it is what it is.

Pacific NW: You spent all your heat last summer. You get none this summer. Anytime it gets above 80 degrees, jump up and down, run outside, because it will not last for long.

Desert SW: Typically hot. Nothing new here.

That’s your weather summary for this week! If you like my reporting style, please check out my website richlupia.com where you will find this blog, and previous musings about the weather. Also on richlupia.com are things you can buy. Please check it out. Thank you!

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