This is, honestly, the quietest time of year. The weather is hot, not record breaking in most areas, but not changing that much. No big cool air outbreaks. No tropical storms or hurricanes to hype up. These are the Dog Days Of August… it’s as quiet as it ever gets in the weather department.

Temperatures are generally in the 80s, 90s to low 100s all across the nation. With very few exceptions. In the Northeast today, some of the hottest temperatures of the year are possible but it should stay out of record territory in most places. Same for the Great Plains from Texas to Montana. The Monsoon is busy bringing rain and thunderstorms to the four corners, Nevada and into eastern California.

I’m seriously looking for things to talk about, but just being honest, I’ve got nothing. So how about this:

GET OUT AND ENJOY IT! Even if it’s hot where you are, go out in the morning or evening instead of the heat of the early afternoon. Go to the lake. Go to the ocean. Climb a mountain. Ride a bike. Just do something! And in the meantime, help out a brother here: I am upgrading servers on my weather education platform Wonder of Weather, available at These are the last days to get lifetime access for $29. Price goes up and it goes to annual access soon. Also check out the Rich Lupia Store at for t-shirts, stickers, and books! More will be added to the store soon. That’s all I’ve got today. Much love…


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