Welcome! Here’s how to get setup with my online weather programs – Wonder of Weather and Wonder of Weather for Kids!

1) Create account here. Come up with username/password. It is NOT case sensitive. 
2) Complete payment on the next page through PayPal or Credit Card. $29 one time payment.
3) You’ll be at “my account”. Click on Wonder of Weather for Kids to access all video lessons!

Returning users, click “LOGIN” then click on Wonder of Weather for Kids on the “my account” page. You may get redirected to your email to verify it’s you. That is OK. Remember once you pay for access, you’ll ALWAYS be able to access all teaching content available on the site!

If you have any issues, please email rich@richlupia.com or call 315-272-9119 immediately!

  • Wonder of Weather for Kids! This allows for access to all 25 lessons on the Wonder of Weather for Kids series, designed for elementary aged homeschoolers and children between the ages of 6-11 (Grades 1-5). Each lesson is between 8-24 minutes with most between 10-20 minutes. Each lesson focuses on a different topic on weather. Over 6 hours of video teaching! As a subscriber, you'll automatically get special updates and content exclusively for subscribers! Any new lessons and/or material I produce, you will get!
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