BEAUTIFUL week ahead for the Eastern US. Severe weather threat in the northern Plains. Big changes this weekend into next week ahead.

For those of you across places like Upstate NY, New England, the Great Lakes. Even the Ohio Valley and the Mid-Atlantic. This is the forecast you’ve been waiting for. It’s here. All week long. This will finish greening up everything across the tier closest to the Canadian border for sure. It will look and feel a lot different by next weekend. It’s amazing what multiple days of sunshine and temps in the 60s 70s and 80s can do for you! Suffer from cabin fever? Break it! Seasonal affective disorder? Gone! Just get out and enjoy it!

Severe weather threats are not as strong this week but are not zero. The northern Plains of the Dakotas and Minnesota will be the hot spot for severe weather not just today, but for most of this week. Pay particular attention on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in places like Bismarck, Fargo, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis/St Paul, Duluth, Des Moines and into cheeshead country (Wisconsin).

This weekend is when the weather pattern shifts again. Remember the storm and cut off low that just went through and ruined a lot of Mother’s Days on the east coast? Yeah, it was WAY MORE than I had expected. That cut off low will continue to swirl off the Atlantic coast all week long, before it rears its ugly head one last time. Friday what’s left of this low moves back on shore across the Carolinas bringing a threat for rain and thunderstorms, then moves back up the coast yet again on Saturday into the Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley. Only this time, it’s meeting up with a strong cold front approaching. Remember what caused the big storms in the northern Plains? Yup. It’s this and here it comes. The two storms combine by next Sunday to spread lots of rain across the northeastern US, then it turns dramatically colder next week?

How cold you ask? Well, across the Great Lakes and interior Northeast… high elevation snowflakes cannot be ruled out. Yeah. From sunbathing and sunburn to OMG where did the heat go! Not record cold coming back next week, but it’s not going to be “normal”. My eyes are on it. Stay tuned!

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