The Dog Days of August have been in full effect this last week. All across America from the Canadian border to the Mexican border and everywhere in between, it’s been summer. Like the dead of summer. Air you can wear. Melting as you walk outside for any length of time. Getting away to the lake, the pool, the beach, anywhere to cool off. While temperatures during the day won’t cool off all that much, because it’s the first half of August, the dew point, the temperature at which water vapor will condense, is going much lower soon east of the Mississippi. And if you are in the Carolinas and the Southeast like me, wondering if relief will get this far south. Good news: It will!

In the short term it’s still “air you can wear” south of the Mason/Dixon line today. Probably tomorrow too, but the big change takes place in the Ohio Valley, Mid Atlantic, Tennessee Valley and the Southeast Friday into this weekend. It means temps close to normal, maybe just a few degrees off normal. But the overnight lows, will be noticeably cooler. This will especially be true across the Northeast and Great Lakes.

This weekend into next week, the “cooler than normal” conditions due to the lower dewpoints and drier air, will stick around for several days. Dewpoints will come back into the 60s across the Southeast but better than the 70s! From the Ohio Valley and the Virginia’s northbound, dewpoints will stay in the 40s and 50s. That means some of the best days of summer are ahead! Warm, but not suffocating. You don’t sweat in three seconds going outside. It will take longer. That’s the trend heading into this weekend and into next week as well.

One good thing about this? In the short term it keeps any tropical activity AWAY from the US. There is none right now. It continues to be an eerily quiet season to this point, but that can and probably will change quickly. But for now, NOTHING. Every day it’s like that will be better for all of us.

Have an awesome day!


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