The Northeast US is usually the part of the nation that gets ripped off the most when it comes to sunshine and sunny warm days. By far. I know this, because I lived there most of my life. There are rare exceptions. And today is not one of those days.

With tons of sunshine, and a huge warm dome of high pressure dead overhead, temperatures will be threatening record highs across the Northeast US and adjacent Southeastern Canada. In fact, flip just north of the border and the Montreal area has a legitimate shot at breaking 90 F today! That’s 32 C for you Canadians… 30s are HOT!

So has the Southeast US, where it’s sunnier and summer a lot longer gone to waste today? Well, kinda. But not terribly. Yes it will be cooler in the Carolinas than say Upstate NY or New England for a second day in a row today as our cut-off storm, the same exact one that brought severe weather LAST Friday to the region, then stalled off Cape Hatteras and beat the crap out of the Outer Banks all week long, what’s left of this storm has come home to bring scattered showers and thunderstorms today. Some showers will linger into tomorrow as well.

So get west of the Mississippi and you get to our next storm. This is the one that brought damaging straight line winds and “dust storm” conditions across the northern Plains and northern Mississippi Valley yesterday evening. That one. More storms fire up this afternoon as this “cold front” will end the 90s wherever it passes through. For now anyway. It heads east this weekend and will hit the Northeast on Sunday into Monday, putting an end to the near record highs.

Next week is simple. It’s cooler across the Northeast, Great Lakes and northern Mississippi Valley. Much cooler. Like 50s and 60s cooler. Not 80s and 90s. Get south of the Ohio Valley. Get south of say Interstate 70… and it turns HOT. This is where the 80s and 90s will settle into next week. So for those in the Southeast waiting for full on summertime, it’s coming! For those in the Northeast whom are not fans of summertime… relief is on the way. Just be patient.

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