Today we have two areas with a SLIGHT risk of severe thunderstorms. One is in the high plains up close to the Rockies. The other is in the central Mississippi Valley and into the Ohio Valley. In both cases, a widespread outbreak of damaging winds, hail and/or tornadoes is not likely, but in the SLIGHT risk areas, each will be possible. The ingredients are there. But it’s not mixed and ready. Think Tacos. Think Chicken Riggies. Think Pizza. You have the ingredients on the table, but not the finished product to eat. If you have the finished tacos, or riggies, or pizza, then that’s a problem. That means it’s happening. There will be some of it today but it will not be a major outbreak.

Looking ahead it will remain cooler than normal this week, especially heading into this weekend, across the Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and the Northeast US. This is the only part of the country that will be enjoying natural air conditioning this week and into next weekend. The rest of the nation… well it’s June… and it’s going to act like it. Have your A/C ready.

And finally this morning… ALEX. And a quick little ZING at the National Hurricane Center. First off it did become a tropical storm after leaving Florida. Alex will produce high surf and rip currents along the Atlantic coast today for sure and possibly into tomorrow. And it will pass by Bermuda today with stormy tropical storm conditions before heading to its death in the central Atlantic. But I’m going to pick on the National Hurricane Center for a second here, particularly with their WIND graphic. And I’ll just say, if you use your imagination, it could be… well.. graphic…

I understand scientifically why you do this graphic. I do. But sometimes it looks like… um… something else! I could go on and on about it, but, NHC, I’m just saying… It may be time to find another way to express when tropical storm force wind conditions will hit an area… without it looking like ANOTHER type of… well… tropical storm? Anyway, I’m done! Have a great Monday!

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