It has been well advertised for several days now, and we are just a few days away from the start of the biggest heatwave in years for much of the nation. This heatwave will last at least through Father’s Day Weekend, and probably through much of next week as well. In terms of staying power, it has been several years, probably since 2012 that a heat wave this long and/or intense has descended upon much of the nation.

WHO IS NOT GOING TO SEE IT: The Pacific NW will not see it AT ALL. Last June, we couldn’t get temperatures below 100 F. All time records were obliterated and by a lot. But this year… you can’t buy a day in the 80s or especially the 90s. The Northeast as well, particularly Upstate NY and New England, will avoid most of the heat as well. Some of the heat will reach you by Thursday but 85-90, when most are dealing with a week straight of 95-105, is cool in comparison. Here are the details by day:

MONDAY 6/13: The peak of the heat will be in the Great Plains. West of the Mississippi over Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, it’s going to be WELL ABOVE 100 F. Some locales could even take a shot at 110 F. Actual air, not heat index folks. Actual air temps. In the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys, as well as the Carolinas, squarely in the upper 90s with some 100F readings. The northern Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes, and areas EAST of Louisville, KY will hold off one more day before the heat hits full blast. The Northeast and the Northwest will be cool and comfortable with 50s, 60s and 70s widespread. Especially at night, having a jacket nearby would be a good thing.

TUESDAY 6/14: The heat shifts north and east. Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan join Illinois, Indiana and much of the Southern US with temps in the high 90s to near 100 F. This will be the hottest day for cities like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley, Mississippi Valley, Great Plains and Southeast are in the high 90s to low 100s.

WEDNESDAY 6/15: Heat peaks in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley with 90s to near 100 F across Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Staying locked into the heat from the Virginias through the Carolinas and all across the Southeast US. In the Great Plains, particularly the high Plains, it comes back down into the 90s. The Northeast gets well into the 80s, Pacific NW stays cool

THURSDAY 6/16: This is the day the heat eases or breaks for most of the nation except from Texas to the Southeast. Temps should come down a few degrees this day, but most of the nation east of the Rockies is still at or above 90 F. This is the day the Northeast feels the peak of the heat with 85-95F temperatures common from PA to Upstate NY and into New England. Not as hot as the rest of the nation, but Thursday is the day whatever is left of the heat hits the Northeast before a cold front moves in.

FRIDAY 6/17: RELOADING DAY: Texas jumps back above 100 F as the heat rebuilds across the Central US in time for Father’s Day Weekend. Northeast, Great Lakes and upper Plains are in the 80s. Rest of the nation east of the Rockies is in the 90s, but it’s 3-7 degrees cooler than the peak of the heat a few days prior.

FATHER’S DAY WEEKEND: The heat continue to build again from the Central US into the Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley and Southeast US. Across the Great Lakes and into the Northeast, a BIG BATTLE ZONE develops between the heat ridge to the west and reality. This battle zone could spark off rounds of intense thunderstorms across Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Upstate NY and into New England. I mentioned this yesterday. Keep an eye on this. Still a long ways out.

I’ll have more on Monday with the progress of the heatwave and the long range outlook. Have a blessed weekend! Rich

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