It has been hot in the southern Plains the last few days. Few weeks. Few months! Go back to May and it seems like more days than not have threatened to break or in most cases, have broken 100F. Today is “level up” day. We’re going not just for 110F but INTO the 110s today across the plains of Oklahoma and Texas. Even DFW has a good shot at 110. When we start talking heat like this, even in Mid July, we are at or near record territory. The all time hottest days are honestly only a few degrees away from these numbers that are on the board for today. Stay cool. Stay inside. Grin and bear it because it only gets cooler from here.

Across the northern US away from the heat dome, the Thunderstorms will be rolling from Minnesota through the Great Lakes to Upstate NY and New England today. Not the washout it was yesterday in the Northeast but still the threat for afternoon and evening storms are there. The temps are going up as well.

The heat dome peaking in the south central US today will break off towards the east and start to bring a lot more 90s (with some low 100s) east of the Mississippi over the next few days. It’s the Dog Days of Summer. Grab some ice and enjoy!

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