A weak cold front is moving its way across the northern tier of states, bringing only a temporary break in the heat and humidity. As this cold front is moving through this hot and humid airmass, it triggered an MCS over Kentucky and Tennessee overnight, which is raking them as of this writing this morning at 7 AM. This complex of storms will come off the Appalachians and hit Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas and possibly into Virginia later today. A SLIGHT RISK exists here with straight line wind damage the primary severe threat. Frequent lightning and flash flooding from torrential downpours is also a higher risk than the usual summertime fare today. Follow this trough up the Appalachians into the Northeast, and this is what kept some awake in WNY with thunderstorms overnight. These storms will refire in the heat and humidity quickly today from eastern New York into New England, stretching on down into the big cities. Again same threats here as down south. The hail and tornado threats are not zero but very close to it.

Across the rest of the nation not dealing with the storms, you are dealing with the heat. The big news is that Texas and Oklahoma are not dealing with the heat as bad as they were a few days ago. In fact, some locations with the additional clouds and a few thunderstorms around MAY NOT REACH 100 TODAY! And in this part of the nation, THAT IS A HEADLINE. It’s typically hot from the Rockies through the west coast with no major surprises in weather the next few days.

After this trough/MCS event today, the heat rebuilds in the Central US and spreads east again all the way to the east coast. East of the Mississippi, especially east of the Appalachians this weekend is going to get downright HOT. 100 degree temperatures are possible Saturday and especially Sunday from Boston, through southern New England, into NYC, Philly, New Jersey, Baltimore, DC and down into RVA. While this is the hottest we’ve seen in this part of the nation this year, especially from NYC and the Tri-State area into New England, remember, 100 degrees in July can and does happen. It’s not unprecedented. Just a reality check here.

Next week some relief to the heat is expected across the northern Plains, northern Mississippi Valley and into the Great Lakes. The rest of the country will be somewhere between medium and well done, depending on your location. Stay cool my friends!


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