Severe thunderstorms with damaging wind gusts and a few spin up tornadoes possible anywhere along the eastern seaboard today from NY all the way down to Florida. Florida, Georgia and South Carolina (Low Country) have the biggest threat for straight line wind damage and tornadoes. The wind damage threat goes all the way north of there and into the northeast this afternoon and evening. The severe and tornado threat is nothing like yesterday’s. And even yesterday despite tornado touchdowns and tons of wind damage, it’s not as bad as it could have been.

Tomorrow into Saturday morning will be much colder, especially across the Northeast US with snow showers moving in, as far south as the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia. Light accumulations possible from Upstate NY into New England. Then just cold this weekend with temperatures below normal.

Another severe threat is possible next Tuesday into next Wednesday in the deep south and along the Gulf Coast. Several days to watch that. It does not look as strong as the last two mid week severe weather outbreaks we’ve had.

And it will remain at or below normal on temperatures along and east of the Mississippi through next week into the following week. Any extended periods of sunny and abnormally warm weather look to hold off until closer to mid month around Easter.

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