It’s an early season heat wave. It kicks in today then goes into overdrive tomorrow. Saturday will be the peak day for heat and humidity all across the eastern US with the highest temperatures along the Megalopolis between Boston and Richmond. Here temperatures are predicted to reach the upper 90s. I can tell you from experience at least one city in the Megalopolis will hit 100 degrees tomorrow. Not sure exactly where, but I’m calling it now that it will happen. Sunday will also be a hot day, but not as hot as Saturday, and Sunday will also be the last day for well above normal temperatures before a cold front comes blasting through, bringing temperatures back to reality for next week.

There is a marginal to slight risk for thunderstorms today, tomorrow and Sunday, all of it near the approaching cold front that will end the heat wave. Your best chance for storms today will be across Michigan. Tomorrow will be from the Great Lakes to the Ohio Valley. Sunday, from Central NY into the Capital Region of NY and into interior New England, away from the coast.

Next week, as mentioned, temperatures are back to reality, back to at or a little below normal for a day or two, before the warmth returns middle to end of next week. Looking ahead to Memorial Day Weekend, it’s looking good for most areas east of the Rockies with temperatures at or above normal. There will be some scattered showers and thunderstorms at times, but picking these details a week plus out is impossible. Just know it will be warm and there could be a few showers and thunderstorms, but nothing at this time to cancel picnics or parades en masse.

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