Big cities 95-100 or better today. Storms will be around this weekend so heads up!

The timing is working out perfectly for the big cities from Boston to Hartford, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Washington to Richmond to see 95-100 degree actual air temperatures this afternoon and evening. Skies are clearing out on the satellite. Extra clouds and blow off from storms are staying away. This will be record to near record heat. It’s unusual to get near 100 degrees outside of the Memorial Day to Labor Day window in the Northeast, but this is one of those days.

On the other side of the mountains, trouble is coming in quicker. After a loud and long night in Michigan, the storms firing out ahead of a cold front will sweep into the Ohio Valley, western PA and into much of western and central NY this afternoon and evening. High winds and frequent/intense lightning will be the danger with these thunderstorms. Hail and tornado threats are low. Also keep an eye out over the Carolinas and into southern Virginia, WEST of RVA. A disturbance is moving in and will be the focal point for scattered thunderstorms here this afternoon and evening as well.

Finally, Colorado. What the hell are we going to do with you Colorado? 85-90 then accumulating snows. Yeah. I’m sorry for those of you who need a parka and shorts in the same day. Talk about extreme! Thankfully the snow ends today and you return to “normal” over the next few days.

Next week is looking stormy across the Southeast as the cold front stalls and becomes a focus for rain and thunderstorms. The Carolinas to the Tennessee and Mississippi Valleys look to be the target for this round of weather next week. While it dries out early next week in the Northeast and cools down, the rains will get to you especially Wednesday/Thursday next week. Indications are this clears out in time for the Memorial Day Weekend, southerly winds kick in, and it’s summertime 70s and 80s with some low 90s on the board across most of the eastern 2/3 of the nation heading into next weekend.

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