I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July holiday weekend! We enjoyed ours in the natural air conditioning of Upstate NY with afternoon highs mainly in the 70s… weather more typical of Easter or Halloween in the Upstate of South Carolina. With a long days drive to get back to our standard heat and humidity, this pleasant weather across the Northeast we will certainly miss.

Over the holiday weekend we did have a flare up along the front that pushed through the Northeast and Mid Atlantic, which ultimately became Collin. Briefly. Mostly bothering the fish. And Bonnie from last week? Swirling it’s way offshore of Mexico in the eastern Pacific and again, mainly bothering the fish. Otherwise the tropics are quiet for now and that’s a good thing!

Our heat dome we expected to develop the last few days over the Central US… has done just that. And as this heat dome builds, the “ring of fire” surrounding it has also built back up. The storms ringing the ridge have become more feisty in recent days, with some damage reports. This ring extends from Montana and the Dakotas through the Great Lakes and into the Mid Atlantic states tomorrow, July 5th, with areas of SLIGHT to ENHANCED risk of severe weather. Damaging winds are the biggest threat, with hail next up. Tornado threat is there but it is not too big. It’s not zero either. Heads up. With me traveling through the SLIGHT part of the zone tomorrow, I’m playing the video game “outrun”. I usually don’t win these. Just ask me what happened the last time I was going through Virginia! Hint – Accumulating snows on April 20th. We shall see.

Regularly scheduled broadcasts resume from my Greenville studio WEDNESDAY MORNING! I’ll update the longer term pattern then. If you remember what I said last weekend about the long term pattern, not a whole lot has changed since then. And I’m also going to be uploading lessons for WONDER OF WEATHER to the subscription part of richlupia.com in the coming days. There is A LOT I’m working on when I get back to South Carolina. GET READY! I’m rested and ready to rumble…

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