We are back in our Greenville studios for the foreseeable future. Until Upstate NY calls again. Which by the way… that sunshine, 70s, low humidity, jackets in the evening… and I returned to the swamp! As I expected yesterday I was playing “outrun” with the storms. Some storms did get us but the worst of the severe storms and the ultimate MCS that formed, I stayed JUST ahead of. Lots of wind damage yesterday.

Today and tomorrow are going to be more of the same. While the southern Plains and the Mississippi Valley are baking under the heat dome with 100+ degree high temperatures, and the Northeast remains comfortable, the area in between is the battle zone. Upper Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley, Mid Atlantic and the Carolinas are under threat for severe weather today and tomorrow with damaging wind gusts the biggest threat. Storms in the high plains of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska the next two days will not only carry wind threats but hail threats as well. The tornado threat in all areas of the nation at this time is near ZERO. Not impossible, but not expected.

The heat ridge will work its way west into the southern Rockies and into the Four Corners region this weekend and into next week. This will spell a pattern change for most areas of the nation. The west gets hot and stays hot. Not record breaking, but definitely above normal with the monsoon being shut down over the Southwest US as that ridge is overhead instead. Still hot in the Plains but not as hot, Mississippi Valley and especially east of there will cool back to near normal temperatures next week. If anything, maybe a little below normal.

I’ll keep an eye on the storms and if they get raucous, may jump in with a live update. Have a great day! Now to unpack and take care of a “to do” list about a mile long!


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